a world of steel and concrete

the path that had been laid before us proved to be paved with adversity, but we have triumphed with our reward of scars and memories. it was about halfway along our journey that we met enemies on the path and after joining in battle were taken captive for nearly three days. with the strength of nearby allies we emerged from the dungeon unscathed, if quite a bit poorer. after this we rushed to make up the ground we had lost and manifest the final few engagements that had been made. we apologize for failing to meet the commitments that we did, and extend our gratitude to those who assisted us.

if you so desire, torture yourself with this, the product of a more familiar dungeon: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=3503d108674d148e6b21be4093fab7ac74164f38b65c5ff2c95965eaa7bc68bc